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WAVE: Inflatable Stand-UP Paddle Board

WAVE: Inflatable Stand-UP Paddle Board

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Find complete inflatable SUP sets. Be ready & sure to keep your head-up and afloat with a sturdy wide platform Stand-Up Paddle Board design. A wide platform design ensures you have a stable base and are able to stand up right and make the most of your outdoor adventure. This board will be sure to get you out on the lake and keep up next to your friends. Plenty of space for SUP yoga & fitness classes too, and our extra bag makes getting to class that much easier!

 Don’t miss out on another summer of amazing outdoor camping experiences. Bring with you to the lake, or paddle off of the beach. We’re sure this is a must-have outdoor camping adventure item. What are you waiting for !? Don’t miss out today



  • 10.5 Feet x 2.5 x 0.5 (320cm x 76cm x 15cm)
  • SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board)
  • Carrying Capacity: 396Ibs (180Kg)
  • NET Weight: 26.45Ibs (12Kg) 
  • Recommended PSI: 12-15 PSI (82kpa - 105kpa)
  • Military Grade Lightweight PVC for easy maintenance 
  • Includes 1 Carrying Backpack, Paddle, 1 Surf Ankle Leash, 1 SUP detachable tail fin,1 Stand-Up Pump and Free Repair Tool


  • Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (comes with carrying backpack, floor-pump, paddle, surf ankle leash, 1 SUP detachable tail fin, and free repair tool)
  • 10.5 Feet x 2.5 (320cm x 76cm) Wide stand-up paddle board design is perfect for beginner's and those looking for added comfort & support while riding. Our included pump makes it easy inflate before you head off on your adventure
  • With the added support you can be sure you will be safe and stable even up to 396Ibs (180Kg)!! That means even Fido can join you on all your lake side adventures!
  • Durable PVC Stand-Up Paddle Board Membrane makes sure your board lasts long and avoids unwanted repairs. Plus easily wash off and wipe dry before you head home for the day!
  • Maximum Inflatable Pressure is 15PSI that is to ensure a safe operating environment at all weight levels. Minimum Operating Pressure is 12PSI to ensure a stable platform and reduce the likely hood of snags and tears.  

Included with Order: 1 Carrying Backpack, Paddle, 1 Surf Ankle Leash, 1 SUP detachable tail fin,1 Stand-Up Pump and Free Repair Tool

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